The Importance of Retaining Well-Trained and Experienced Coders [Sponsored]

The long transition to ICD-10 has thus far been challenging across the entire healthcare industry. Perhaps by now, the most complicated pieces of the change are complete, but there are still significant improvements to be made.

Between July and December 2016, ICD-10-CM coding accuracy rates—calculated by iMedX during coding reviews—averaged 92 percent, while ICD-10-PCS accuracy rates appeared lower at 89 percent. However, all iMedX clients showed continuous improvement from review to review.

Investing in a well-trained and experienced coding team can have a significant impact on financial returns and ultimately lead to a rapid cash flow improvement for healthcare facilities, as an effective group of coders will consistently achieve optimal accuracy rates. Fortunately, assembling a strong coding force is not nearly as difficult as it may seem.

For more on how to assemble this team, read “The Importance of Retaining Well-Trained and Experienced Coders” by iMedX’s Minnette Terlep, BS, RHIT, and Bradford Foley in the June Journal of AHIMA. Click here to read the article in the digital edition of the Journal.

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