Journal of AHIMA Wins ASHPE Editorial Excellence Award for ‘Road to Governance’

The Journal of AHIMA has received an award from the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors (ASHPE) as part of its 2017 Awards Competition.

The magazine’s Working Smart department, “Road to Governance,” won the Gold Award for Best New Department. In 2016, this section of the magazine—which was first launched in the March 2016 issue—drew a road map for implementing an information governance (IG) program in any organization. Each month a set of concepts was discussed that tied to the AHIMA IG Road Map Infographic. The goal was any organization could take these implementation concepts and travel along the “Road to Governance.”

Nearly all healthcare organizations now use electronic health records, which generate an overwhelming amount of health data. IG is a new initiative that aims to tame, sort, and organize that unwieldy data to use it in a way that creates actual “information” for the improved treatment of patients. IG is seen as the next step in the health information management (HIM) profession, moving HIM from record keepers to masters of leveraging health data.

Recognizing this new craft, the Journal of AHIMA launched “Road to Governance.” The new department embraced the “road map” theme in many of the series’ articles—three of which were submitted as part of the awards competition:

  • The June 2016 installment compared implementing IG to the iconic American road trip down Route 66.
  • The September 2016 installment discussed how HIM’s stewardship of information is like the US National Park Service’s stewardship of natural wonders.
  • The October 2016 installment pulls over to study the road map details, reflects on the IG implementation work already accomplished, and surveys what lies ahead.

Each year the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors (ASHPE) recognizes editorial excellence and achievement in the field of healthcare publishing. View a complete list of this year’s winners at

Chris Dimick ( is editor-in-chief at the Journal of AHIMA.

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