Video: AHIMA Launches Patient Safety Identifier Campaign

Why do we need a national patient identifier? Exploring AHIMA’s reasons for advocacy, including how patient safety is at risk.


  1. This seems like you are asking for more government involvement in healthcare. Isn’t the ACA enough. Just like healthcare, this should be the responsibility and concern of the patient, physician, and hospital. We need less government involvement in healthcare. I will not sign. Thank you.

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  2. This seems to be a legitimate topic for discussion and making a decision about unique identifiers.

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  3. From both a patient and healthcare worker viewpoint, I agree that it would be nice to be able to have my records accessed with ease and accuracy by my medical providers. I’ve had instances where a provider sends medical records on someone with a similar name to my new provider, and those records were then scanned into my chart. MAJOR HIPPA violation right there. More common are the instances where my records take weeks to be forwarded (I did not have extensive or complicated or voluminous amounts of medical records in those cases) to another provider, and sometimes those records never show up.
    Having a medical records system set up that providers can access with ease, with a detailed checklist of patient demographic identifiers, makes sense.

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  4. We implemented a Patient ID system with the help of It is a fingerprint system that all of our patients “check in” with on arrival. We’ve used it for over a year and are having great success.

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