AHIMA Expands Workforce Study, Calls on Industry to Participate

AHIMA’s new workforce study, titled “HIM Without Walls,” has been officially opened up to the industry public in an effort to expand its reach and maximize results. The study, which kicked off earlier this summer, was created to help determine the future knowledge and skills needed by health informatics and information management (HIIM) professionals 10 to 20 years from now. This expansion of the survey will help to validate information uncovered in the initial stages of research.

AHIMA will use the study, available at https://ahimastudy.questionpro.com/, to help ensure the association and its members stay on track and continue to move into the jobs of the near future.

The survey will be open to all HIIM professionals, educators, and employers. Perspectives from various healthcare leaders are sought, and participation by a wide variety of individuals will be critical to the success of the study, AHIMA officials said.

The study, conducted through a partnership with The Caviart Group, LLC, an independent research firm, was created in response to the rapid changes in the HIIM profession, AHIMA officials said, and will help the association meet future needs by providing critical information about the required competencies of future practice.

“We had an overwhelming response to our request for study volunteers in the earlier stages of the study, and are very grateful for the willingness of so many people to participate,” said Lynne Thomas Gordon, AHIMA’s CEO. “Now we need all of our members to respond to this survey and to encourage your colleagues to do so as well.

“Without the expert knowledge of HIIM professionals, educators, and employers, we cannot gain the insight we need to ensure that our profession is ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.”

The study includes an analysis of the current state of the industry as well as a determination of the forces that will affect the future direction of healthcare information management. It also identifies the most likely job scenarios of the future and forces of change to determine the knowledge and skills that these scenarios will require of the profession.

AHIMA will use the survey results in various ways, such as adapting its education and credentialing programs to ensure members stay relevant in the healthcare industry.

Results of the study will be released in the fall, and will be published on the Journal of AHIMA and AHIMA websites.

To participate in the study, visit https://ahimastudy.questionpro.com/.


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