Video: First Aid for Medical Identity Theft

Consumers must be on the lookout for signs of an information breach. But if medical identity theft occurs, there are immediate actions consumers and their HIM counterparts should take. The California Department of Justice released a set of five signs your medical information has been breached. This video walks through immediate actions consumers and their HIM counterparts should take in the event of a breach.



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  1. Hi,
    I am a nurse in a facility that now uses a very popular EMR. In our older system patients could have an alias name. I am told by “privacy” dept. that with our new system they elected to just offer a ” break the glass” indicator and this is a reminder to the person opening the chart to be sensitive and to be sure they are opening the chart for a medically appropriate reason . While an alias makes me as a nurse check , recheck , and recheck again before I give meds or carry out a direct action, I think it is a good thing to do for someone who is we’ll known for whatever reason.
    All fame is not positive.
    Now , I have had for the first time medical tests and lab work that I do not want accessible to everyone. I am told by privacy that we no longer have an alias option, all I can have is beak the glass. I find this suboptimal. Many providers could find a good reason to open the chart. They still know it is me. I feel violated by this. Do I have any recourse. I actually did tell them I wanted all my records purged for the system. I am told that this Is not possible either.
    What do you think?

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