Why You Need Medical Terminology

Healthcare terminology provides a standardized “language of medicine” that allows healthcare providers and HIM professionals the ability to get their daily work done. The July Journal of AHIMA features an article discussing the important role healthcare terminology plays in information standardization.

In this audio feature, the co-authors of that article, June Bronnert, director of terminology coding at Intelligent Medical Objects, and Chip Masarie, IMO’s chief terminologist, discuss in layman’s terms just what medical terminology is, why it interests them, and how HIM professionals use terminology on a day-by-day basis.


  1. I am looking forward to this class. I agree that it will be interesting to know how to use the tools to correctly do the job

  2. I love how one of the speakers talks about bringing order to chaos. There are so many different branches of the medical field but they all connect to one purpose. Getting your team in order takes a highly motivated individuals.It takes more than one person to keep a team running smoothly and successfully, it takes each person doing their job to the best of their skills and knowledge.

  3. I believe that understanding medical terminology can create a quicker response and reaction from the medical professionals and possibly save ones life by speeding up the process.

  4. I’m looking forward for this class there many different medical terms that I’m willing to sit threw and listen.

  5. Understanding medical terminology is interesting . In the medical world you need it I look forward to the class.

  6. I think that without medical terminology it would be very difficult to do your job. I am so ready to get going and started in this class.

  7. I knew that medical terminology was very important and necessary in the medical field, but, the illustration about the bike, bicycle, and mountain bike was a great way to explain the “many ways to say the same thing, yet mean something different. I personally would hate to take a “bike” on a mountain trail. The illustration really expounded on the importance of grasping the understanding of knowing the correct spelling and pronunciation in medical terminology.

  8. I want to take the medical terminology online class with ahima, how can I apply and join the next class?

  9. Medical terminology is a necessary language that all healthcare workers need to be familiar with. It is very helpful when you can read notes, discharge summaries and history and physical reports and know what is actually being said. I think I will find this fascinating in my class because I am about to embark into a new world in the medical healthcare field.

  10. I’m particularly intrigued by the concept of “interface terminology” and its ability to help clinicians and health information management professionals “find the right diagnosis and procedure terms to document and code more comprehensively within their normal workflow”. I’m looking forward to this class!

  11. I feel that a person must be able to pronounce the medical terms properly,due to the communication of skilled medical professionals of today.I feel that it is also very important to know the meaning of the terms you learn to pronounce.

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